Thursday, December 06, 2018

Advent - Plus We're All Sick

This is super late, sorry.  Baby girl was up throwing up and fever last night, Duke is feeling sick now, though still at work.  Guessing he might have to miss tomorrow.  Parents are sick, and I'm wiped from everything, though thankfully not sick, and hoping not to be. :)

Here is today's challenge.  I've tried post dating some of these posts, and some are working, and some aren't, sorry.  Hope you have LOTS of fun with tonight's challenge seeing how long you or your partner can last. ;)  We're too sick right now, but maybe by the weekend. ;) :P  Sorry, I didn't make up a day count picture for today.  Will make new ones for tomorrow if I can. :)

Day 6 - Thursday

- Set a time goal, and see if you can tease your partner that long before they reach completion.  Tell them they can't go until you tell them.  10, 20, 30, 60 minutes?  To mix it up, do more than one, increasing the time between as you go.


  1. Hi EsMay,

    Oh no, sounds like you have your hands full. Sorry you are dealing with sickness. Hope you manage to escape it. Love the challenge!


    1. Thank you, so far I have. Everyone else seems to be sick. The Duke isn't sure what he has, but he just isn't feeling well. Here's hoping I avoid it all. :) And glad you love today's challenge. The Duke sometimes does something like this with me. Eek. lol
      Hugs, EsMay


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