Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Toy Box. So Excited. :)

So, a while ago, 4 months to the day to be exact, I wrote about getting some trays to help us organize our "toys" and was then going to find a box to store and lock them in.  That post is HERE. Well, I haven't forgotten my promise to let you guys see what that box looks like.  It's just that it took us this long to find something that would work.  As it was, I had to take the extensions off the trays, and let them be their own trays because I couldn't find any chest/trunk wide enough.  So now we have 4 trays, to hold our implements/paddles, toys and some of our literature.  Things we don't want family finding.  Which, with a little one growing up, and parents now in the house, and in laws visiting often and using our room when they do, was a REAL worry.

I once was babysitting when the two year old boy brought out a dildo.  At the time, I was in my early 20's, I'd never seen such a thing.  I was horrified! :P  He was pleased as punch at his find, even though he had no idea what it was. :P  I would not like a repeat performance done in my life with anyone in my house! :)  Should I also mention he found their Kama Sutra complete with real life pictures, at least THREE different times while I was babysitting!  Even though they kept hiding it in different places. LOL  He thought it was the funniest thing.  Probably not because he understood the pictures.  It was probably more my reaction to it.  Oh, how little I knew. lol

So here it is.  All secure.  Locked up.  Only the Duke and I know the combination.  I feel so much freer now.  I know that family is going to ask what is in it.  They already have asked why we were looking around for a storage box.  But they need to learn that we deserve to have some privacy.  It looks like it's metal, but it's actually wood painted to look that way.  It's nice and sturdy, and looks better in real life than I could capture on the camera. :)

We've been doing DD for five years, it's about time we had a safe place for everything. :)  It looks big, but is just over a foot and a half across the front.  Nice and tiny, but big enough to fold a blanket and have it sit on top. :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The Duke's New Year's Resolution?

So, DD has been growing in our relationship again, I think I've told you all that already?  No punishment spankings, but some stress relief/maintenance ones have been happening.  Guess it's also a test to see how loud we can get before the parents can hear.  :P lol

And then yesterday, the Duke comes to me while I'm having a bit of alone time in our bedroom (he suggested I take a couple hours to write) and says he's going to get more serious about DD.  EEK!  I mean, I'm so excited, and scared to death.  He says he isn't sure what that all entails yet, but that me offering up my submission so often and willingly to him lately, in the bedroom and out, has made him feel really good.  He's liking how things are changing in our relationship because of it, and he wants to see what going deeper will do.  Work is still super stressful, and in three weeks time we could be looking at the end of his job.  He said actually taking that control from me will help him through all this.

Last night he tried out more domination in the bedroom, and says it will be spilling out into our normal lives too.

Not sure my bottom is ready for this, but *GULP* here we go!

He has not been reading my blog lately... but I have a feeling that will start again soon too.  If it does, I'm hoping he'll join me in writing again.  I always loved when he did that with me.