Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Your What's Comin To You

I found this the other day on the internet when looking up spanking photos for a future blog post. :)  Wonder if I should try to print it and laminate it on a piece of wood for his birthday coming up?! :)

Maybe I can make the tag line a bit more personal. ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Fun

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day. :)

We all were sick, with my parents still visiting since Christmas and a few other wrenches into the day, but we still made the best of it. :)  We got Swiss Chalet take out, a family meal, and all ate together in the living room.  Baby girl loved eating picnic style.  We exchanged cards with each other, every year for our Anniversary (January) or Valentine's Day, and we agree upon which before hand, we enchange cards that list at least three reasons why we love each other, are thankful for each other, or to encourage each other.  It has become such a special practice.  We keep them to read through the years.  We hope we never have a really bad year where we question each other's love, or wonder why we even love the other, but if we do, we hope these will come in handy to remind us why we do really love each other, and how we've built this love to last. 

We also exchanged these gifts with each other.

The Duke got me this puppy dog to add to my collection.  I now have four, all from him.

I made these two sets of cards for the Duke.  The love ones had things on them.  One was a night to himself, one is a date night in, he chooses the movie, one is picking out a gift for himself, one is a free wish, and so on. :)  I did 8 of each this time, and made up extras for another time.

I did a set of naughty cards too. ;)  I was going to write things on these, but in the end, decided to leave them blank so that he can fill them in as he likes. ;)  He seemed happy with these. hehehe

These are books we'd found by mistake on amazon, and we decided to order them because they had really good reviews.  The Leading and Supportive Love only came in today, and we wanted to start with it first, so I am excited to read them together. :)  They are about D/s type marriages, which we find we do along with DD, so I am very excited to see if they are any good.  I won't lie, I'm also looking forward to the one on one time with the Duke to read together, and pick each other's brains on hopefully some new thoughts and ideas about this lifestyle. :)

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day too, even if things weren't perfect. :)

Friday, February 05, 2016

Feeling Giddy

My heart longs to be led.  I can't tell you why.  I can't explain this deep need I feel, or the happy comfort I feel when it happens, but it's there.

Life never stops.  Each time we try to restart DD, something comes up to stop us before we even start.  But now, it looks like we finally are going to be able to take flight.  Baby is starting to sleep through a few hours at a time.  Baby has had a rough go of ear infections and having just turned one, already has 10 teeth with four more trying to come through to torture her.  So hopefully when that is done she'll do even longer sleep stretches. :)  We've also had a steady stream of family staying with us.  Sometimes multiple family members.  And the winter will probably ensure a good couple of months for us to work on getting our groove back.

I am getting excited to try again!  The Duke has started flirting a lot lately.  He's already bought my vday gift, another puppy to add to the collection he started me. :) He's spending more time with us as a famiy, and I feel my heart hungering more each time.  I feel so giddy with excitement. :)  I'm starting to feel that old love again. :)