Monday, September 04, 2017

"Toy" Storage ;)

With a child that no longer respects the fact that we may have dresser drawers we don't want them in, lol, and my parents living with us, and the Duke's family visiting often and staying in our room when they do, we needed new storage for our "toys".  I was starting to worry someone would finally find our secret stash.  Our DD/Submission books, our DD contract, our intimate toys and DD toys, and our spanking implements.

So I've been looking for the past few years.  Nothing seemed to fit our needs.  Any adult toy storage we could find only had a couple slots, and with some toys being glass, some silicone, some metal, etc, where I didn't want any two toys being able to bump into each other, those did NOT fit our needs.  Now, we have these, and we don't have enough toys to fill up all the slots, ;) but now we can go wild and get more stuff. :P  lol  Not really, but it will be nice to have more room for it we do get more later.

After much thought, I had decided to have a box built with a lip in it for a cutlery tray or two to rest on and stuff be stored underneath.  It was the best way to keep everything separate I could think of.  Finally found these beauties today after a year of searching.  They're second hand, in like new condition, for only $5 each!  Most of the dividers in the one on the right are removable. :)  So now to have the box built to the dimensions of these trays with a lip for each, and then paddles and such will be stored in the bottom, and these trays will just lift out.  So excited.  We'll be putting a lock on it, and everything secured and tucked away in one box.  I will have a lot more peace of mind when this is finally done. :)