Friday, August 07, 2015


I didn't realize while updating that to reposts my posts, would literally fill up your blogroll reader feeds! :(

I am so sorry.  So instead of going and approving several posts several times a day, I'll preview a bunch each day, and early in the morning post them... hopefully this will keep you from missing  your posts from other blogs. 

Again, I am SOOO SORRY about that. :(

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Under Construction

It seems only fitting as we are reworking DD that our blog get a makeover.  But it won't show up in the look.  I just have been feeling that I need to edit some posts, and completely delete others.  I used to be very open about who we are.  To the point people who know us would know this is our blog.  So I'm going to go through every post and repost what I feel is safe.  It might take a few weeks, but I feel this is necessary for our family.  I will try to do some of our most popular posts tomorrow, and then work my way back from the beginning. I hope you can be patient while I do this. :)

Thank you.