Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Maintenance, OWIE!

I need to start writing earlier.  My husband says I can stay up tonight so that I can blog.

Today was good, mostly.  My husband called at 11 to see if I was doing good on my chores.  I thought I was... I has gutted and dusted and moved furniture out to sweep, but that meant I was only half done the living room, it's a big room.  He was disappointed.  Even more so when he called at 12:30 after I did a lot of sorting to find out I was only finishing the livingroom and still had the bedroom and bathroom to do!  I managed to to the bedroom in the next half an hour, but it took another hour afterwards to give the bathroom a good scrub down.  I scrubbed every inch of the porceline and shower walls.  But I got it done... it just took longer than expected.

My husband was glad after and realized that we had thought differently on the work that was to be done today.  I thought he wanted the rooms cleaned, dusted, swept, and really cleaned.  He meant that he wanted a general tidy.  So even when we're talking, we still don't always realize all that we need to say.  LOL

I also didn't have any treats today.  There was a point when I wanted to, but I remembered I wanted to wait until night so that I still had the chance to have an evening snack if I wanted.  Where as if I'd had my treat in the afternoon, I would be stuck without being allowed to for the evening.  But then I ate enough for supper that I didn't want a snack.  So that was good.

Last night we decided that we needed to look into maintenance spankings during our long talk.  So we decided for now to do Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

We did maintenance tonight, he used the heavy duty wooden spoon for a while.  But I found I didn't connect, I didn't feel a reaffirmation of roles, so he used the loopy for 30 swats, and they hurt, a lot!  I couldn't stay in place.  I'd been doing so good at staying in place, but I literally jumped up at one point it hurt so much.  I had raised skin lines afterwards, they only lasted a short while, but honestly, I think I needed it.  *I should note that my skin raises/swells VERY easily, but I never bruise, so I guess you can't have it all.* :)

I felt bad for my husband though.  He seemed quite worried that he hurt me.  I told him that that was what needed to happen at times for me to feel submissive to him.  After a bit he relaxed, and I think he realizes he did everything right.  He even lectured me for a bit, which really helped. :)  I really don't want him to feel guilty for anything right now, even if we make mistakes, because I don't want it to make him want to step back from DD.  Thankfully he days he sees too much improvement in my moods and behaviours to even think about going back.

Now I actually have a sore bottom, an hour after the spanking.  This will be a good reminder tomorrow to eat better since I know I'll be wanting something sweet after not having anything today. :)  I definitely do not want a sore bottom on top of this sore bottom! :)

I play Sims 2 here or there, and thought... wouldn't it be great if my sims could spank?  And you know what?  On backalleysims there is a spanking rack!!!  You can spank the spankee in their pjs, underwear, full clothes, or "barbie like" naked.  I also got the rack of implements for fun.  I don't get to play often now, but thought, hey, they should have maintenance too. ;)  You can train them to be neater, nicer or what have you. :)  He's using a gray paddle. Yeah, I'm a geek. *removed pic because my blog went so weird right afterwards, and wondering if it was the pic*

Hope you all out there in blogland have a great night's sleep.

Oh, and last note - it cost $70, but we got the bell back in our car that goes off when I leave the lights on!  YEAH!  It won't be fool proof I'm sure, but the extra help will be so great.  It also controls a few other warnings in the car, so that will be good. :)  Hopefully having the warning sound back will save me from some future spankings! And fewer dead batteries!  :)


  1. OH dear, the poor spanking Sims.

    Be good Es May!

    1. OH, I am definitely being good now! :) I do feel like a geek being 34 and still playing video games here or there. It's a guilty pleasure. I don't get to do it often, but I do like it when I can. :)

  2. Oh EsMay
    The loopy sounds harsh, I think almost as bad as our "THE STICK" ouchy
    But good on you for not having that snack, you're doing great.
    It's very caring of your husband to worry he's hurt you. I think they all go through this phase, until they realise we're not breakable.
    Btw I used to play sims, didn't know they got a spanking version. Wonder what made them come up with that lol

    1. It is harsh, we realized the other night that this either needs to be used softer, or as a "I've been REALLY BAD" implement. He does realize now that I'm not breakable, especially after we looked last night and his wife that NEVER bruises had like six bruises on her behind! Woops. lol The Sims actually doesn't have this add on, it's on a site that allows you to add addons. :)

  3. Hi EsMay, I have to agree with Mustbecrazy, the loopy does sound harsh. Perhaps more communication and discussion about your roles and how things are going, expectations etc may make you feel more connected during maintenance? I'm just thinking out loud here.

    Good on you for not snacking, you are doing well. Keep up the good work!

    OMG spanking Sims LoL


    1. Roz, I think you're completely right. I do find that words have way more of an impact on me. We have decided after talking last night that we will put the loopy away except for extreme infractions or he will use it softer. We were surprised to see that I had bruised, even though I don't feel a thing today. And yes... the Sims is a guilty pleasure. :) Thank you for the encouragement on the snacks. :)


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