Sunday, January 13, 2013

Done For My Husband

Today was just a quiet day.  I haven't felt this sick in a long time.  I have to do a test tomorrow over the phone at work... and not sure I'll be able to talk clear enough to pass it.  Really praying I can, a shower this evening has helped clear me up, so running a cool mist vaporizor in the bedroom hoping it will help me tonight, but it didn't seem to much last night... :(

So I spent the morning in bed... er... on the futon folded out into a bed because I was sick of looking at my super small room.  My husband went to church without me for the first time since I can remember.  But I was just too sick to go.

I wanted to do something for my husband today though, being so sick, I have not done anything in this house this week except one load of dishes.  So I took down the two loads of laundry he hung up for me yesterday.  I did another load and hung it all up except three pieces of clothes on the part of the line I couldn't reach without a chair... I figured with how weak I was, and with how much me standing on chairs makes my husband nervous, that I better not try it.  I cleaned up a bit in the bedroom and made our bed, and then cleaned the bathroom sink... I started on the toilet when my energy ran out.  But it felt good, it wasn't much really, but it felt so good to do it hoping to please him.  Later I put the futon back up, it's been down since Friday night, and made it up, it has pillows and a throw on it. 

And now I'm just tired.  I didn't even really do supper.  I got him to pick up a roasted chicken and I heated up some mashed potatoes I had in the freezer.  I make up a huge batch and then freeze meal size portions of it for days we're too busy to boil them.  So supper was nice and easy.

The thank you from my husband?  Made it worth all the exhaustion I feel right now. :)  And my sinuses actually feel a bit better from the exhertion.  It's different doing things more to please my husband than for the fact that they should be done... but most days I'm really liking it. :)


  1. Great job Es May! I really hope you're feeling better soon though! And I hope you had a voice for your test too. (((hugs)))

    1. Normally a Great Job would make my head swell, now all I feel is humble. Wow, this really is changing me. Thank you so much. The test went well, I got 95%... I would have done better but my swollen throat kept making me stutter. :( I ranked about 5th in the class... which out of 14 people that are left... is not sitting well with me, so praying I can show my worth over the weeks to come.


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