Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

A few days ago I saw a post where Hez was asking how to know how hard one should spank, and with what implement because she was finding she didn't have any soreness afterwards.  (btw, if you haven't read her blog, it's great!) I have to admit that except for one spanking, the same has been for me... no soreness or burn or anything afterwards.  While looking at her post, I saw she had some homemade loopys.  I thought they wouldn't do much, but since I too am looking for something that will actually sting so that I remember it, I decided to make one for myself.  I have a skipping rope that I never use.  I always use two other ones I have because this other one is made of a plastic with a twisted design in the plastic.  The problem is that over time it has caused the whole skipping rope to twist, and no matter what I do, I can't straighten it out.  So the other night when I saw this homemade loopy, I made one with this skipping rope.

But then tonight I was thinking over a comment on my post called "So Nice".  I really liked what the commenter had to say about only needing a few implements, and to find one that stung a bit.  I really didn't see how some looped plastic would hurt.  So I took it out to take it apart, wanting to find something else that worked better.  Well... in walk husband eyeing the loopy I just sat down with.

Husband: "Oh, I haven't been able to spank you yet for speeding on Tuesday."
Me: "I was actually going to take it apart *holding up scissors* and make it into a skipping rope again."
Husband: "No, I want to try it out first."

I didn't expect too much... lol, looks can be SO deceiving.  He brought me into the bedroom and got me to lean over the bed, he then gave me a warm up spanking, starting with fully clothed down to no pants or undies, and then brought out the homemade loopy.  He gave a few tries until he saw that I was feeling the sting, and then gave five swats.  I admitted I probably needed at least another five more, and he gave them to me with just a tad more intensity.  We cuddled afterwards, and after a bit I admitted that maybe next time he'd still have to go a while longer.  I finally felt a burn for about five minutes afterwards, but really felt like I hadn't gotten anything resolved in my head.  It still felt like a warm up was happening.  I really don't want a harder/longer spanking... but I feel I need to be honest with him that I may need a longer spanking so that we can get this thing right.

Well, the loopy will be staying.  My husband says he likes it, and it is the first time I felt a sting more than a couple minutes after a spanking except for one other time.  I think if he spanks longer with it next time, I'll have a good reminder sting for a while.  Tonight was such a good talking time, we talked in ways I'm not sure we have in a long time.  We just lay on the bed cuddling while talking and talking.  It was so great!  My husband was smiling with real abandon... I've missed that.

It's pretty because the inside of the rope has a rainbow colored ribbon. I was going to seperate the rope better at the base where it meets the handle, but no matter what I did, it still twisted, so I didn't bother. Twisting or not, it has the perfect sting.

And the speeding?  I haven't done it in two days!  I'm aiming for 10km/6m under the speed limit so that I have room to make a mistake in.  So if I do go faster by mistake, I'll have more room to catch myself. :)  He laughed and asked me what he was going to spank me for if I get the speeding under control!  I laughed and told him that once I was feeling better he could start adding chores and exercise back to my list. :)

Btw, thanks for the concerns over my health.  When I had to miss work today we decided it was time to see a doctor.  I have quite a bad sinus infection and was put on a couple of medications.  You know it's bad when you tell the doctor you probably aren't that sick, but felt you should check anyway, and they laugh at you because you're past normal sick and into dangerous kind of sick.  I was put on the hard core antibiotics, and they themselves can make me sick!  Yeah... :(   My husband wants me to lay down tomorrow, so I think that will help me feel less guilty about unfinished housework, especially since I slept most of today away. 

So once I'm better, I'm sure I'll be messing up on other things, and he can still get spankings in.  My poor behind! lol  I also have talked to him about maintenance/mood adjuster/reaffirming roles spankings, and told him I think they'll be good for not just me, but for him.  I don't even want to guess what the smile meant that he gave me when I said that!


  1. WEll...ouch...but I'm glad that you found something that's effective. :)

    1. Yes, me too. I'm actually a bit worried about my next spanking actually... which hopefully it maintenance and not because I misbehaved. Good thing is, I'm not driving anywhere today, so I won't be speeding! :)

  2. We have a homemade loopy too and all I have to say about it is OUCH, OWIE, OUCHY!!! Anyway, I'm glad you went to the doctors and I hope you're feeling better soon. (((hugs)))

    1. Yeah, I so did not expect it to hurt like it did! I thought, it's just bendy rope... not biggie. LOL And I'm glad I went to the doctor, I almost didn't. My friend who is a nurse told me today I'm lucky it didn't go into my lungs. Glad I didn't wait any longer.

  3. Moring Es May

    Thanks for the mention :)

    Glad it worked for can, and I say this holding my breath...make a 'stronger one' If you have a look at the grey one on my post, that is make out of cable...that is the worst one of the three, and is not used much at all. Unless it is a major muck up on my part.

    But of course, as you know I am a perfect Angel...ummm...yeah..ok :)

    Have found that a leather, flexible and soft belt, not to wide has worked well too.

    Glad you are starting to feel better now that you have gone to the Doctors. Rest is now the key to getting better. So don't over do it!!


    1. What can I say, your post echoed my wonderings so much, and it meant so much that I was not the only one out there wondering. :) I think I'll hold off on the cable! ;) But my husband does read the blog, so he'll have the final say. And yes, I promise to rest as much as I can. I go back to work tomorrow... :( But hopefully I'll feel strong enough to do it, right now, no way. So praying I heal, and fast.


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