Saturday, January 12, 2013

So Nice

I was going to spend the day in bed.  I really was, except for maybe an hour of cleaning, broken up into 10 minute segments.  But at 11:38 I got a call from a friend saying her drive, to a location over an hour away to see  her fiance, went bust, and she needed to see him today because he needed something from her by Tuesday, and she had no other chance to get it to him, and so needed me to take her.  So 3 hours later the errand was done, but on my way home I decided to get the batteries we've been needing for our cordless phones.  I decided to take five minutes to look around as the store was having a closing out sale, even though I was dead on my feet.  I am so glad I did!

So up until now we have had a couple of things for spanking. 

A small wooden spoon - a foot long, if that.  It's quite thin, and has seen better days.  I've been worrying it will break if we really use it for spanking, so today I took it out of our stash.

A bamboo cane - we only had that because I already had bamboo cane for gardening, it was several feet in length, but I had one piece cut down to about 18 inches.  Because this can be a harsh instrument, we researched it, and have only used it once to see at what stength my husband should use should he ever decide to use it.  It will only be used for VERY serious infractions.

A bath brush - I got it just before Christmas and my husband has been very pleased with it.  It too is made out of bamboo, but because I could find none made with any other type of wood. :(  I have to admit, I am not a fan... I could gladly hide this item, or burn it, if fI wasn't afraid he'd pick up something worse.

Well I found a really good, thick, wooden spoon today (picture below along with the other elements I spoke of)... and decided to get it.  I knew they made wooden spoons that thick, but I thought I'd have to go to a specialty shop online if I ever wanted to get one.  It was also my hope to give my husband another alternative than the dreaded bath brush... but we found out today this can sting just as much... great! (insert unimpressed face here)

Also showing side view of new spoon above, and back of the bath brush I got a month ago.

My husband decided to give me a few tries with it, which lead to a few more tries, and then a few tried with a wooden cutting board we have that has a handle to give him an idea of if he'd like to pick up a paddle, and then a few more with his hand.  I'd say 20-30 in all, but I couldn't believe how much it helped me!

I could feel the angst literally flowing out of my body.  I could feel my ability to be submissive finally coming back.  I could feel my husband taking back his right to be in charge again.  It was a great talking and cuddling time after.  He said I still get my spanking on Monday for speeding the other day once his stitches are out, but that it was good to have this spanking.  He also said he's going to go to a sex toy shop here in town and see if he can get a paddle.  I have looked at every other store I can think of, and can't find one.  We've never gone inside a shop like that, and I don't feel that I myself can go, so he is going to go himself.

The thought doesn't scare me as much as I feel it should to own a paddle! :)  That he even wants to do this really touches my heart.  That he's seeing how much I need this change means so much to me.  That he decided to try out the new spoon today instead of waiting until Monday, was such a blessing!  I am sitting here right now, several hours later, with a light heart, and feeling free.

Monday after my spanking for the speeding I may not be feeling the same... but I hope I do.  I probably will need a spanking anyway to get over the stress, I have my qualification on Monday with my new job... hopefully I won't be too stressed out by the time I get home, but even if I am, knowing a spanking is on the way should keep me pretty much in check!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I will be staying home from church tomorrow, as my husband wishes.  It's a good idea, it's a highly contagious flu, and I can trace it through three people before it got to me, so I really don't want to pass it on to the families that just had babies in the past couple of weeks.  I think of day of full rest will be really good.  I even slept in today, which felt great after a week of no sleep and being up an hour through out the night last night!  I slept 15 minutes past when I'm supposed to get up.  I'm going to guess my husband thought I needed the rest and didn't force me to wake up when I over slept.  He really is good to me.  Oh, and something that shocked me?  Last night I went to bed almost two hours early, but then remembered there was something in the house I meant to clean before bed.  My husband blocked the doorway to our bedroom, said I was already tipsy from exhaustion, and that I was to get back in bed.  After three attempts to get by him saying it needed to be done, I went to bed, and it was so sweet when he pulled the covers up for me and tucked me in.  I can't remember the last time someone pulled the covers up for me!  It felt great.


  1. Those implements are pretty mean looking! Isn't nice when the Hoh does something that they have not done for awhile :) Hope you are feeling better now :)

    1. Thank you, M3. I think I am on the mend, still very weak, but able to breathe a bit easier. So here's hopeing and praying. And yes, they are scary looking!!

  2. I'm glad you felt so much better afterward Es May! I know I've purchased or suggested some implements that I wasn't too happy about once Michael tried them out. ;)

    1. I did feel a lot better. I know I shouldn't focus on the spankings right now, and I do a good job of not doing so, but my husband and I both see the release and freedoms I've been having, and the control he is gaining in every area of his life because of it. Yes, I will have to think on it next time if I suggest an implement! lol

  3. Hello Es May, welcome to blogland. Some of the above look a bit frightening to me. You know, a hand can be really, really painful if used right. I'm only just beginning to find that out. Initially I thought we needed all this fancy stuff, and I wondered why many of the old-timers rarely used more than one or two other means of spanking. Now I know! That being said, it is good to try things out. Just be aware that it's not thuds, but stings you are after. A lightweight wooden spatula is the most proficient and painful instrument I have had the pleasure of experiencing. It's a killer. If used on the same spot for a few spanks it gives spectacular bruises. But no harm or damage. Just to my pride. Which is a good thing. You can gradually build up your arsenal when you've been going a while. Don't forget, it's the communication that is the most important thing. Mr BB says that actually spanking is only a very small part of Dd. I didn't believe him to begin with. But now I have found out just how important communication is.

    I wish you all the best for your journey together.

    Hugs, Ami

    1. Thank you, Ami. Yeah, I have a feeling we'll only be using a few implements as well, but trying to find one that does leave a sting. Right now I have only had one spanking that left a sting, and even having the same kind of spanking another day didn't leave one. Right now I am working on the communication. :) My husband isn't a big talker, but he's starting to talk more, and I'm being patient. I cannot wait until he's more open with me, something I see starting, and have been praying for our whole married life. Thank you for taking a look at my blog, and for commenting. I will definitely let my husband know about the spatula and let him decide from there. I told him I was leaving any other selections up to him, which was very hard to say!


Please feel free to leave any comments, but I do ask you to be kind. We go into this with eyes wide open after months of prayer, and a peace in our hearts that this is the right choice before God for our marriage. I am open to questions from those who wonder why we made this choice, but I would ask for no personal attacks. Thank you. :)

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