Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Hubby

Tonight I sit on a red bottom, with a very happy husband sitting just three feet away from me, and let me tell you, it was VERY worth it.

He came home all worried.  Worried about me being sick. Worried about my new job.  About money, one or our cats sleeping so much, about his job, about our car, and the list literally goes on and on.  I told him that a lot of that we can't control, so why don't we think of something he can control.

Husband: *Sneaky smile* Well, I can control you.

Me: *laugh* yes, yes you can.  Would giving me a spanking help you feel more in control?

Husband:  No, I don't need to give you a spanking right now.  You've been really good.

So then I went on to explain that there were many reasons for spanking, and one was reaffirming his role as HOH if he felt the need, and another was to help him feel more control.  He said that was good to know, but just kept up with his worry.  So I started playing around with him.  Then I pretended to ping his nose, and then actually pinged it. 

Me: What do you have to say to me doing that? (now for the rest of this convo, remember we have two cats)
Husband: I won't eat out of the garbage anymore.
Me: And?
Husband: I won't jump on D anymore. (one cat of ours is always jumping on the other)
Me: And?
Husband: I won't cry for more food

And on and on he went, and I playfully pinged his nose for each one.  Then I got sassy, and gave him two swats on the behind!  I was in such a playful mood!  Haven't been that way in forever.

Husband: Hey, you're not allowed to spank me.
Me: Well you sure aren't stopping me.
Husband: *smile on his face* Don't spank me.
Me: *laughing* You don't sound serious
Husband: *trying not to smile* I am, don't spank me.
Me: *laughing even harder* You still don't sound serious
Husband: *James Earl Jones type voice* I am very serious

(Forgot this part, added it after) He then gave me like 10 swats, hard, but not too hard, and I still laughed the whole way through. 

So I jokingly threated to use the new loopy on him, just once... oh, he didn't like that.  LOL  So we had a tickle fight as I kept trying to get away to get the loopy.  I finally got away and grabbed it from the next room.  As I was coming back into the room with it, I all the sudden was very nervous.  I decided I'd better not show him, and so stuffed it down the back of my pants.

Well we cuddled for a moment, and then I was afraid he'd find it, so I admitted to getting it, but told him I wasn't going to use it.  Took it out and threw it across the room.  He then got up to get it.  I raced out of the room and to the bathroom and locked the door!  He asked why he couldn't open the door, I never lock it.  LOL  I could hear him knocking, WITH THE LOOPY!!!

I opened the door and whizzed past him, really trying not to laugh, and not succeeding at all.  Well I ended up with 20 warm up spanks, and 20 loopy spanks.  I told him I had obeyed and not spanked him, and he told me that I also told him he could spank me just because if he felt he needed to.  The relaxed look on my husband's face?  Made it worth it all.  :)  The spanking did hurt, but I had so much fun leading up to it, and the cuddle time afterwards. :)  He even gave me my first corner time yet, only for a few minutes, but just to help me feel submissive, and him feel in control.

He is so relaxed now, and in such a good mood.  I told him next time he's anxious, if giving me a spanking, as long as he's not angry, will help, to go for it.  I can't believe how much I love this man. :)  After the spanking he did say I could spank him once if I felt I really wanted to, and gave me the loopy.  I told him no, it would make me feel like I was taking back control.  He's so cute. :)


  1. How fun! And well, a bit ouchy too...but still fun! I love it when Michael and I are playful with one another and yet there's still some of that D/s dynamic thrown in for good measure. :)

    1. I have a feeling there will be more nights like this. If it helps him smile, I'm all for it. :) The tickling was fun too. :) Sounds like you and Michael have fun too. :)

  2. I'm with Grace, it is good and healthy to be able to express our dynamic playfully. And those playful just because's...lots of fun. Stress relief works both ways, it can benefit them as well. Good on you for giving it a shot!

    1. For some reason, my reply ended up not replying, but adding as another comment. But the comment below is for you. :) Thank you so much for coming along to read my new blog. :)

  3. I feel very humbled and happy that I did try it. I feel more submissive now than I even did in the moment. Stress relief... that's a good way to put it. :)

  4. This was really sweet! I think sometimes we forget how much this does for them and how easily we can relieve some of their stress with a little bit of playfulness. Good job Es May!!!

    1. Thank you so much... I actually blushed at your comment, it's not often that I get complimented, thank you. :) You are right about not always realizing the help we can give them. I wanted to make things easier on my husband, it was just the trick. It's something I plan to remember to the future, and I hope I do good at remembering. He's so worth it. Thank you so much for the encouragement. :)

  5. Oh how cute, you two are very sweet.
    Wow I threatened hubs once to spank him, and couldn't sit for two days after that. He apparently doesn't think it's funny :(
    But tickling fun is always good, and stress relief spankings are the best x

    1. I am glad you can't see my very red face at your compliment. Thank you. :) I'm sorry you ended up with such a sore bottom! I think that if I actually seriously meant it and not just in play, I would have the same. :( And I agree, it was a very good spanking, and something I look forward too in the future. He was also so very relaxed after my spanking last night. If that is what it takes to make him smile, I'm willing to every night.


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