Friday, January 25, 2013

This Is Me

I read the other day on a post about how in DD land, we don't really get to know each other like we would otherwise.  We share our lives about DD, but not necessarily much outside of it.

It got me to thinking, and I'd like to introduce myself.  It's still nothing that will tell you who I am exactly, but things about me.  I'm boring, lol, so you may find this post absolutely boring.  :)

*I did have more facts up here, but wanted to remain anonymous in case someone I know finds this blog later, so only had them up for the day.  So if you saw a fact that you can't find now, that is why. :)*

- I'm an expert knitter.  You name it, I can knit it.  I love to knit.
- I'm a medium level crocheter.  I can crochet anything with a diagram, cannot do so with a pattern.  LOL  Can't seem to learn to read the darn things.
- I do scrapbooks for friends and for my church.  I love them, they can be so pretty.
- I have a lot of friends, but only a few close ones, one who I can tell about everything... except DD.
- I am very involved in my church.  I love the work. :)
- I like to make pinatas, the harder the shape, the more fun I have trying to put it together.
- I like to decorate cakes.
- I like to play video games when I get a chance.  Sims, Sims 2, War Craft 2, Age of Empires, Pop Cap games, Bowep games, etc, and when I was single, was addicted to Ultima Online.  I also have every Nintendo gaming system except the very newest one, and even though I don't get to play much, love to play them when I can. 
- I keep secrets to the grave, except from my husband.
- I love Christian rock.  My favourite is Casting Crowns.  But also love music by MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North, Toby Mac, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, etc.
- I've never smoked, never done drugs, and probably only have a drink 2-4 times a year.
- Love movies.  Romance, Action, Thriller, but not horror or raunchy.
- I love to throw parties, and love that my friends love to come to them.
- I have a serious weakness for cheesecake.  I honestly RARELY allow it in the house because I just can't stop eating it once I start!
- I sometimes worry about being accepted, but am unwilling to pretend to be someone else... so it's hard to always find the balance.  I also struggle with feeling useful or needed.
- I'm short, and my husband doesn't like me standing on chairs to reach stuff, but he also loves me to need to ask for his help reaching stuff, so he sometimes puts things on the top shelf so I have to ask him to get it for me!  STINKER!  lol
- I know a lot of random facts, and yet know very little about the world outside of North America.
- I have a good sense of humour, but prefer the jokes/funny things to be clean and not too raunchy.
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in nature.  Put me in the woods (with no bears or cougars!  And even no Moose!) and near a river or stream and I could easily dream the day away.  It's also when I feel closest to God, and closest to who I really am.

So that's me, there is more, I'm sure, but that is what I could think of off the top of the hat.  Boring, but it's who I am. :)  I'd love to learn about you too if you ever want to share, even if it's just a thing or two.  We have a busy week this weekend at work, and I have to work extra hours, so if I'm not on, I hope you have a great weekend!  I'll catch up with all of your posts on Tuesday at the latest. :)  I can't wait to see what you've all been up to. :)


  1. Hi Es May, nice to 'meet' you! :)


    1. Nice to meet you too. :) And welcome to my blog. :)

  2. Hi! I love getting to know you posts! AND, I love that you like games. I also own every Nintendo system out there, love the Sims, and endless facebook games as well as play World of Warcraft (although, less now because of the kids and life and work...)
    I love that you make pinatas. That is so cool!
    I also understand about feeling accepted and... I could go on and on but my sister is over and I'm supposed to be working... so I have to hide blogging... but - Awesome post!
    Nice to meet you.

    1. Thank you for reading my posts. It still amazes me that people want to. :) Ah, a fellow gamer! Yeah! :) Yeah, I used to play more... and when we have kids, I'll play even less. I hope you had a great visit with your sister, even if you had to hide blogging to do it. ;)

  3. It's lovely to meet you Es May. I knit and crochet, as well, all kinds, including filet crochet, which is pretty neat. I love Casting Crowns, Mercy Me and Steven Curtis Chapman, too!

    1. Oh, see, now I have to look up what filet crochet is. LOL I get addicted to know all I can about the crafts I'm learning about. But in all fairness, it just helps me make more and more beautiful things to give to people. ;) I love that you like the same music as me. Anyone that loves Casting Crowns and MercyMe makes me feel an instant bond. :) And it's great to meet you too.

  4. Pleasure to meet you Es May :)
    My weakness is blueberry cheesecake! I can't let it in the house either lol

    1. That is so awesome! Makes me want to invite you over sometime just so we can be bad and each have a slice. :) We cheesecake lovers have to stick together. :) And it's a real pleasure to meet you too, MrBBSpanker.

    2. Er... bad as in eating a food we normally shouldn't but can get by with once in a while... not as in bad and I'm not going to sit down for a week because of it. LOL

  5. Hi EsMay, I enjoyed this post. I love fining out more about my blog friends. Thank you for sharing :)

    I wish I possessed even half of your talents. I'm afraid I don't have much aptitude for arts and crafts, or any fine work. I am a shortly too and my husband also loves it when I have to ask him to reach things for me. He always asks if I need a grown up - grrr LoL


    1. I would love to take credit for my talents, but I honestly believe they are God given. I have tried to teach people that are semi interested in learning, and they can't pick up the skills. So I really believe it's God's given total obsession that I feel when I tackle a craft that actually makes me learn. But on the other hand, there are things my friends excel at, and I'm like... yeah, no interest. LOL

      He asks if you need a grown up!? Oh, no! Yeah, that'd get me going too. Just goes to prove, men do like to sometimes think of their wives as little girls in need of rescuing. LOL

  6. I love these kind of posts as well!

    I decorate cakes too! I've done a couple of wedding cakes, but they make me nervous to do, so I try to avoid them. That being said I do mostly tiered cakes.

    No bragging here either but people want to come to our parties too. We have mostly theme parties or Murder Mysteries etc.. Basically anything that gives me an excuse to get creative with invitations, costumes, food, drinks, music, decorations...I LOVE it!!

    Anyway...I know it is not possible..but would love to see your cakes some day!!!


    1. There is always pictures. :) I get very nervous doing wedding cakes as well. I love to make shaped cakes, so I have a lot of cake moulds. I am glad you liked the post. :)


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