Monday, December 31, 2012

Changes In My Husband

I thought today I'd just list the changes I've noticed in my husband in the past week.

1.  He is way more affectionate.  He is not a Physical Touch person much of the time, but in the past week he's been pulling me in for hugs, kisses, holding my hand, and cuddling.  Physical Touch is one of my two top Love Languages, so this has made me very happy.

2.  My other top Love Language is Quality Time.  Well my husband has been giving me this as well, and let me tell you, I have craved it so bad that for months I was crying at the drop of a hat because I felt so unwanted.  But this week my husband couldn't get enough time alone with me.  It felt great!

Now, I don't usually put a lot of stock into Love Languages because mine were always being pushed aside, and we have not been able to find out what my husband's are.  We are told this means then that I am probably filling whatever his Love Language is so that he doesn't know he needs it... but I guess I really don't feel that, and worry that someday he'll realize what it is, and that I haven't been meeting it like he needs.  So for now, I try to give him some of each one.  But now that mine are being met... I am so happy!

3.  He's more confident, and has stood up to a few people now when they tried to make him do something.  Usually my husband will give right in when people push, but not this week! :)  He's even stood up to me, which NEVER happens.  It was shocking, and I was so not expecting it, but I am glad he did.

4.  He's not panicking if he does something he thinks will upset me.  This has made him much easier to be around.  My husband does not like conflict, at all, so in our whole marriage so far, five years, he's been a tense ball of muscles, worrying I'll get after him for every little thing.  But now he's finally realizing that isn't me.  Yes, there are times when I get mad, but it is very rare, and he even admits that himself.  He also admits that when I do, I'm over it quickly, and don't hold onto it.  I think he's compared me to other women in his life that get mad, and often, and hold onto it.  But now he's seeing that I won't do that to him.  It was very frustrating to go this long like this, but was it worth the wait?  Definitely.

I am finding that with all of this, I'm finding my husband even sexier than normal.  I find myself staring at him with stars in my eyes, feeling like I did when we were dating.  He is becoming the man he'd always promised me while we were dating that he'd be when we were married.  I have always wanted to be a submissive wife, but it's near impossible when your husband won't lead, won't even ever ask you to do anything for him, and never shows you if he's displeased or not.  Him now showing me, asking things of me, and showing when I've messed up, I finally feel like we're communicating!  I also love seeing my husband more confident.  He's always been so unsure of himself, and I've prayed so much on that for him, and to see the changes, to see him happier and more relaxed... it'll be worth every spanking, grounding, loss of privileges I ever get!

Why I never heard of DD before, I'll never know, but am so thankful now for it.  I do know I read a story about 12 years ago where a husband spanked his wife, and I was very intrigued, and it played in my head for months, but it never went further.  I am so glad I found DD now.  I pray my marriage keeps growing stronger, and more into what God wants. 


  1. Hi ES May

    First time here and I like your post
    A belated welcome to blog land.
    I will have to stop by again when I have more time to read.


    1. Thank you for stopping by. :) And thank you for your welcome. :) I hope you if you come back, you find something interesting to read. ;)

  2. Glad it has helped and made you both closer.

    1. Thank you. :) Guess you are catching up on my blog. Hope you don't get too bored! ;)


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