Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank Goodness For A Good Spanking!

I am sitting on a very sore bottom today.  The first time I've ever been spanked hard enough to have it hurt two hours later, any other time it didn't hurt even five minutes later.

My husband came to me this morning and asked why I was acting so distant over the past few days.  I even was cranky last night.  Come to find out, he forgot all about the speeding I mentioned in yesterday's post, and so I just was out of sorts waiting for the punishment... a punishment he forgot all about.  I thought about reminding him about it last night, but felt if I did so, it would still be me leading the relationship and not him.

Even this morning he just gently asked what was wrong, and I just said I'd be okay and didn't really answer him.  He was about to leave, a bit disappointed, when I told him that he was allowed to tell me to answer him.  Which he proceeded to do.  I told him that having a punish hovering over my head was bothering me.  He then admitted he had no idea what I was supposed to be punished for.  Once I told him he totally remembered.  He asked if he is supposed to remember what needs to be punished for, and not just me.  And I said I believe he did.  I have a wipeable wall calendar that I pulled out a couple weeks ago, but haven't put it up yet.  So we're going to put things on that for now so that he better remembers if a punishment has to wait.

He gave me quite the spanking, harder than I thought he would.  I was laying over the side of the bed for this one, and a couple of times rolled over because it was so painful.  I did roll back after a breath or two, but was very upset with myself that I did that.  I told my husband afterwards I was very sorry for doing so.  He said right now he's not worried about it.   He said he was just glad that I didn't try to stop the spanking, and rolled right back into place after a couple steadying breaths.  He says we can worry about staying in place soon, but right now, it's the mental notion that I'm not in control and that I DO HAVE TO finish the spanking.

I was shocked at his firmness, how he never waivered, but I am also so thankful.  I told him so afterwards, and he said he was thankful too because it made him feel more in control of our relationship, and I can already see the confidence in just the past couple of hours.

So for now, I sit on a sore bottom, and am so thankful for it!  My husband showed today he's in control and that he really does care about me, my submission, and our marriage.  He said he sees how it already put our relationship back to rights  just from this morning.  He feels in control again, and sees how the spanking and the cuddling afterwards brought us close together again, and how my attitude it already better.  I didn't cry this time, but it still put me back into a good frame of mind.

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