Thursday, March 25, 2021

A Few Reprinted True DD Novels by Nattie Jones

Hello.  I'm not back, but some of my absolute favourite books are finally being sold again after years of being off the market, and I wanted to share them with you because I just about went bonkers with excitement when I saw them, as I've wanted to share them with soooo many of you over the years.  Two series and a stand along book are below.  You all know I love Laylah Roberts, and for health reasons, I'm over 18 MONTHS behind in reading hers.  But my favourite DD author is hands down, Nattie Jones, with Laylah Roberts almost tied for that slot. :)  My favourite book still is not for sale. :(  But here are some great ones that are.

The Dragon Master's Series by Nattie Jones.  I have read these so many times, I could probably recite whole parts.  lol  Well, books, 1, 2, 4 and 5. :)  Books 2 and 4 being my absolute favourites.  I mean, who wouldn't love Masters that ride dragons, spank their women with hands that fall like paddles, make their long for more with everything in them, and definitely know how to lay down the law?  The sci fi is not huge, just adds a fun aspect to the books, so even if you're not into that, these books are amazing. :)  The prequel is okay, but it's not going to really encourage you to read the rest of the series I don't think.... so I'd even read it after all the rest... like it was written. :)

-- Dragon Masters by Nattie Jones at 
-- Dragon Masters by Nattie Jones at 
-- Dragon Masters by Nattie Jones at

Imagine keeping a diary with all your secret longings for spankings described in detail inside?  Then to mistakenly leave it on a library table in an old Victorian library, only to have a nosy, gossiping socialite read it aloud?  In front of a Duke none the less!  But what happens, when that Duke is as captivated by spanking as well, and now that he knows, is not giving up the chance to get to know you?  No matter how hard he has to chase?  This book follows Veronica through all the fears, doubts, joys and tenderness of finding herself in a new social class, living the life of spanking she only ever dreamt of, wondering if it's really as special as she'd always dreamed of, finding being a wife different than she expected, and all the love the builds in between.  Add in a sister in law who you can't help but fall in love with, who is struggling and creates more yearning in the book, it's a wonderful read.

As someone pointed out in one of the reviews, these books are printed out of order in this trilogy, and Plain Passion will not make sense in places if you have not read Simple Pleasures first.  The order is Simple Pleasures, Plain Passion, and Restless Rumspringa last.  The fact that Rumspringa is spelled wrong on the cover is even disturbing at how quickly this trilogy seems to have been thrown together by the publisher... :(  But, the stories, set in Amish country, and I read them as individual books, are great and well worth the read for any of you DD book fans out there. :) I honestly think each book gets better than the last, with Restless Rumspringa being my favourite, with Plain Passion tugging at my heart a lot.

And there are the books that are now in print. :)  I hope  Prim and Proper Passion  comes out as well at some point.  It has absolutely no sexuality in the book, and yet, is one that tugs at my heart so much that I want to share it with every DD wife who longs for what this lifestyle has to offer. :)

I wish you all the best, and sorry that this is not a time that I can return to join you all.  I have been quite sick since August 2019, and time as well just is not allowing me to get on.  I hope you are all well. :)  Es

PS.  If you were one of the people that LOVED  Being Their Baby  by Korey Mae Johnson.  The several year long wait for the sequel  Keeping Their Baby  is almost over.  It is sent to the publisher and set to publish in April.  I had asked about it years ago when they announced she was hoping to finish it in 2017 and they wrote me last week to tell me that it's about to out. :)


  1. Very excited to hear about all of these books. I was just looking for some new books the other day, but now I will get to check out some old ones that are tried and true. Thanks for the heads up, my friend!

  2. So good to see you Es May! I hope you are all doing well, I have thought about you and wondered how you are.

    Thanks so much for the recommendations. I will have to check these out.


  3. Hi, I’ve read all of Nattie Jones. I read most when Discipline and desire, Bethany’s Woodshed and Blushingbooks carried her work.

  4. Awesome to see you in Blogland. I hope to see you again soon and those are some great books, thanks for sharing.


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