Monday, November 11, 2019

Man's Day Vs Woman's?

A Funny.

But.... first of all, wanted to let you all know that I took the advice of one of the comments here, plus some emails and two chats I had with people, and will leave this blog up.  I also have been given some good topics to discuss from someone, and when I have some time, will look at writing those up.

So, saw a little picture that showed emotions for a man's day, which was like two emotions, and a woman's day.  But, it was only a handful of emotions.  Today I felt alllllll over the place, experiencing every emotion at the speed of light, and thought.... we needed more emotions.  So... just... if you need a laugh today, I hope you enjoy this that I made up to replace the one I saw. ;)  It's the emoticons from my phone.

I'll post both. :)  This is NOT to diminish that men go through emotions too.  Just... they tend to be more steady with their emotions is what I was trying to portray. :)

And this one below is where I got the idea from.


  1. Hi EsMay,

    So glad to hear you have decided to stay and very much look forward to hearing more from you :)

    Love this. We Women are so complicated aren't we? LoL


  2. Very glad to have you back.

    Hugs From Ella

  3. You've been blogging for such a long time and I'm glad to see you are going to stick with it. I totally get the emotions thing.... whew.... lots of being all over the place this year for me, too. Hang in there! Hugs, Windy

  4. Just recently found your blog and finally finished reading through all your posts. Thank you for the reflections and insights you and the Duke have given over the years. I'm sure you've touched and helped many more than you'll ever know.


Please feel free to leave any comments, but I do ask you to be kind. We go into this with eyes wide open after months of prayer, and a peace in our hearts that this is the right choice before God for our marriage. I am open to questions from those who wonder why we made this choice, but I would ask for no personal attacks. Thank you. :)

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