Saturday, March 11, 2017

"I do NOT want you to worry about this."

Those are the words that the Duke said to me yesterday when I started to fret over how to tighten up the budget when he got another warning at work for not meeting his sales target.  When his job switched between companies, he was told he would have the same position, which technically he does.  But now they care about sales, and not customer service.  A bad move for the company I think.  Not once in over a year has he been Q&A'ed over how he serves the customer. 

Anyway, I was worried.  He works so hard, his job is very stressful, and he still gives and gives at his job.  And in fact, there are many times he can't meet his quota because there isn't enough customers that meet the criteria for a sale.  Which REALLY bothers me!  How can he be held responsible for something that is impossible for him to accomplish?  Anyway... sorry, little rant.

So when I worried about what to do it if he lost his job, he put his foot down.  Plain and simple, and FIRMLY said.  "I do NOT want you to worry about this."  Of course, my worry got the best of me and I spoke to challenge him... :(  "But I am responsible for the budget, and I need to be working even harder to save us money right now, and..." "I DO NOT want you worrying about this."


Okay.  It is one command I will struggle to obey, but will definitely work on.  Since he is the bread winner in our family, that makes it even more stressful.  I make a bit of money on the side, but no where near enough to cover our expenses.  We do have money saved up, but just shy of the amount needed to replace our oil tank and furnace that have to be replaced in two months.  Actually we have enough for the replacement, but have decided to go $500 more and get a heat pump with forced air instead as it will be much cheaper in the long run.   We will have enough in two months for that, but that leaves no room for needing money for if he loses his job.  We've been trying to save all we can, and still, the house and car have needed repairs, we both missed A LOT of work in February because of winter storms, add a few other unexpected things, and it's all just set us so that our little emergency fund to get us through if a job was lost is now depleted.  But God has never let us go without before, so we just have to trust, and I have to sit down and trust that I can do as the Duke asks of me.  To NOT worry about it... Hope I can do it. :)


  1. Hi Esmay, I hope the Duke's job settles down ad you manage to get over this hard time.
    love Jan, xx

  2. Thank you for checking in, EsMay. Sending prayers and positive energy that all your financial needs are net.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Hi Es May, I can understand you being worried. Sending positive thoughts that things settle work wise for the Duke and that your worries become nothing more than that.


  4. He does always provide for us....hears our prayers, sometimes it is just too hard to be patient. To not worry is very difficult, hope things settle into a nicer pattern soon. hugs aby

  5. You know Esmay - things will turn out the way they're supposed too whether we worry or not. Sometimes, outcomes for the best are so different than we anticipate - remember God is in charge.

  6. It is stressful when finances come into play and there you are doing you best to save for those essential items you need in your home. Good or you both for working hard to save, it's not an easy thing to do these days. It is also hard when you know that Duke is doing his very best and there are things out of his control. God does know our every need and will be faithful in meeting those needs even when we don't see a way. Follow Duke's lead and do your best to not worry about what will happen. He is the leader in your home and will make sure that everything will work out in as is needed.

  7. Oh, EsMay, I know how tempting it can be to worry, but you can't borrow trouble because it steals joy from today, not to mention worrying doesn't help things at all. Do you best to obey Duke and trust God. They sound like a pretty good team to take care of you to me!


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