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Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Fling Challenge - Half Way Point! :)

I am so tired, so I apologize for not getting to my comments today.  I will tomorrow. :)  It's just that I worked out, long day at work, and Big Garbage is this week and had to be on the curb today.

I just felt I should give a quick note about my Spring Fling Challenge because I promised to keep you all updated. :)

Well, I was SOOO upset when this weekend I'd gained THREE pounds. :(  So I worked out extra hard, especially last night.  But imagine my joy this morning when I found out those three pounds are now GONE. :)  Not sure what happened.  I do know I ate more chocolate this week because of a couple migraines, so that might have done it. :(

I've also been working out a lot, and the Duke says I'm to eat more fruit this week, so that is what I'll be doing.  He bought it for me tonight. :)  He's getting a bit more adamant, which is what I so need to do this.  {{{HUGS}}} to you Duke, thank you for helping me!

I'm off to bed, but I hope your challenges are going well too. :)  Today marks the halfway point, Ladies! :) :)  Still plenty of time to learn new habits, so if you've been struggling, you still have time to make some good habits stick in the next few weeks.  My house was going to be the one I sort of worked on, but now it's my big success.  It looks great, and I'm no longer worried about company just dropping by at all. :)  And the weight, well, I'll keep working at it. :)


  1. Don't lose sight of the bigger picture EsMay. You will have weeks that go up and down a little. It could have been a little water retention.

    Glad you are now so proud of your house :) It makes you feel better inside when everything outside is all clean and clutter free.


    1. Thank you, Callie, you're right, it could have been water retention. SO NOT FAIR that that happens. lol

      It does. Without all the clutter I'm more relaxed. Less stressed. I even said to the Duke last night that the couple things on the coffee table, and a pile of dust in the corner that should be swept up were bothering me. I then laughed and told him a month ago I would have said that in that state our house was immaculate. lol.

  2. Hi Es May, I'm so proud of they way you have been tackling the challenge. You have done so well and yay for loosing the (very tiny) pounds you gained. As Callie said, keep you eye on the big picture. You will have up and down weeks.

    You have done an amazing job on the house and should be very proud of yourself. I bet it feels good when you look around the house now. Especially no longer worrying about unexpected visitors.


    1. Thank you, Roz. Yeah, in all fairness, 3 lbs is small, but it still bothered me. LOL.

      I am actually very proud of myself for the house. I have never been really proud of my house keeping abilities, but now. Wow, the Duke and I both agree, it looks like someone else now lives in our home, and not us. lol.

  3. Stay positive my friend. Think of all the pounds of 'stuff' you lost in your house! Also don't fixate on the pound numbers because after a while with your exercise, some of it maybe muscle gain.

    You've got this!

    love, willie

    1. Oh, I know! I swear, there was several totes, and probably about 10 large garbage bags that went out. That's not including the stuff we donated. Boxes and boxes of books, my kitchen table was full of Christmas decorations we've been giving away. The rest we'll either save for prizes at my annual Christmas party, or give to Salvation Army. I'm even giving up my bike. It's TOOOOOO hilly here, there are no flat roads, and it's STEEP hills, have had it here five years and never once took it out. Used to a lot before here. But I know a 18 year old girl in town where it's less hilly that wants to start biking with her mom, so when they heard I was giving it away, they said they'd love to take a look. It leaves my yard tonight. :)

      That is true, I probably am gaining muscle. I feel much more of a burn now when exercising since five weeks ago. Feels good. :)

  4. Hi honey

    So proud of you for keeping to your challenge, don't worry so much about the few pounds up and down, they can have lots of reasons, stay positive, you're doing great :)

    1. Thank you, Missy. I will try very hard to stay positive. :) {{{HUGS}}} I just hope I get amlot more pounds lost soon than those gained. ;)

  5. You're doing awesome!! So,proud of you for sticking with it!

  6. It's so important to stay positive and focused, and it seems you're doing just that, so good job! Keep up the good work, and so cute how he's there for you and helping you out!


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