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Sincerely, The Duke and EsMay

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Homemade Implements

First of all, I have not gotten around to blogs this week.  I have not had any time to myself, sorry. :(  And I can't promise to get to any of them this week.  Hopefully on Saturday I'll be able to start catching up on the new blog posts, but I'm really sorry I have been MIA this week. :(  And next week, I have a huge church function, so if I'm still behind then, I'm sorry. :(

Here are the tutorials I was asked by some people to do of the implements I have made, and I promised to do up. :)  I'm showing how to make three implements, and how to make the handle for the flogger I showed you guys last week. :)  Without the handles, these will take less than ten minutes to make.  If you use the handle I show here, it will probably take 10-15 minutes.

1.  I started with a rope called Clothes Line Rope.  It's soft, but got a good weight to it.
2. For the handle I used a thin rope called Mason Twine.
3. Then I cut the rope into the lengths I wanted.  The rope frays really quickly, so I knotted it as I cut the lengths.  When you're figuring out the lengths you want, figure out first how many knots you want, add about one inch of length to each knot you want to add.  And then figure out the length of the handle.  So if you want the handle to be 5 inches, and 5 knots, and 12 inches of length, then you want at least 22 inches, plus some extra that can be cut off after.
4. I made 15 lengths for this flogger.  I then knotted five of the ends 3 times, five of them 4 times, and five of them 5 times.
5. Here is the finished flogger.  I cut the end of the handle close to where I had done the grip.

1. Am going to show you on only two ropes so you can see better, but when I did the flogger, this was done around all 15 ropes.  You do not need to secure the ropes, as this will secure it for you.  When making a flogger, I put the knot for the two strings between half the lengths of rope, and then it is hidden. I used two colours to help you see better what is going on. The two top ropes in the pics are just the extra, they have no purpose.
2. I am using pink as the top colour and green as the bottom colour. Bring the top colour, pink, over and around the top of what you are making into a handle, and then, slide the bottom colour, green, over it to hang down.
3. Bring green rope under the handle, and put it through the loop made on the side by the pink. Pull the ends of the rope to tighten the knot around the handle.
4. Take the pink and bring it over the top of the handle again. Bring the green down over it on the side.
5. Loop the green under the handle, and then slip through the side loop of the pink. Pull tight. At this point, make sure there is a knot showing on either side of the handle of the green, under colour. They may try to slip to the back, if they do, bring them to the sides, once they are at the sides on your second set of knots, they will automatically go to the sides without you having to check them.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 until the handle is as long as you want. Make sure each knot is pulled tight.  Note the top colour always stays on top, and the bottom colour always stays on the bottom. They never switch. You can also do this with one colour, but I wanted you to be able to see the steps clearly. Now, tie off, and you are done. :) 
This is what the handle will look like as you keep going.  Te other size it all green with just the pink at the sides, the opposite of what you see here.

 Carpet Beater
 1. I did not have coax cable around to show this, so I used rope, but it will give you the same step by step instructions.  The new steps I highlighted in red each time.  Start with a 4 foot coax cable {or material of choice}
2. Make a loop to the right.
3. Bring your rope around and make another rope to the left and up from it, it will look a bit like a pretzel.
4. Bring your rope under the part of the rope that will be your handle.
5. Bring your rope around to make a loop to the left at the same height as your beginning loop.  Bring it over the first rope it encounters, which is the first side of the top loop, and under the next, which is the first rope to the very right loop.
6. Keep the rope going in a straight line, and over the next rope, which is the second side of the top loop, and then under the last rope, which is the other side of the right loop.
7.   Bring your rope end down, and even out the ends for the handles. Next even out the loops, labelled A, B and C. Four holes should form around the center circles, I labelled them 1, 2, 3, and 4.

I did not have skipping rope around, so I just show here a general idea of how to make a loopy.  Some people keep the ropes for the handle straight before taping it down.  But it's just generally make 1-3 loops, however many you want, with tubing, coax cable, skippy rope, or what have you.  It is very simple to make. :)

If anything in this post was unclear, and you're making your own, please feel free to ask.  Hopefully  I didn't make it too difficult to understand.

Our next post will be a real post, well real as in dealing with DD life. :)  Maybe to tell you all how much I wish I'd kept the lable from my paddles so that I could RETURN TO SENDER.  ;)  Okay, not really, but boy, putting holes in a paddle really does make it hurt more!  lol

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Three Little Paddles

The Duke's birthday is next week, and I wanted to get him something special.  He mentioned to me a few weeks ago that he really likes the size of the Pocket Paddle we got from Blondie's because it's the perfect size for an over the lap spanking.

So I wanted to get him a few more paddles in that size, but being only 11 inches long, I knew my options were limited.  But I need not have feared.  I wrote Blondie, and told her what I was looking for, and she and Ty were more than willing to help me out! :)  They have a shop called Blondie's if you want to look at their selection on Etsy, or you can talk to them about custom ordering, they are very good to work with, and showed me some pictures half way through the square headed paddle to make sure what I was saying matched with what they were making. :)

The paddle in the middle is the one we already had, and the other two were the ones I custom ordered. 

I had to let the Duke know in the end that I was getting them because they were a bit over the amount I'm allowed to spend without permission.  So I let him open them a week early since he was so excited to get them.  And guess whose bottom paid for that mistake in judgement!!!

I joked when he said we should try them out.  I said I agreed, I needed the practice to give him a proper birthday spanking on the big day... he didn't agree with me!

I am very happy with these new paddles, but my poor bottom is refusing to even speak to me anymore.  Poor thing, it's so not going to be friends with our new wooden friends. ;) 

We do have one larger paddle, but it's a bit awkward for over the knee, so these three will be his main ones, I can already tell.  He's already wanting another spanking, and let me tell you, I'm so glad he's waiting for another day, I don't think my bottom can take more!  No lie.  He broke them in pretty good.

I have yet to finish commenting on all my comments this week, hope to be caught up tomorrow. :)  And hope to have the tutorials on the loopy, carpet beater and flogger done tomorrow night. :)  And for those that did not see, anonymous comments can be left now.  Please keep it kind. :)