Monday, September 12, 2016

Bedroom Dynamics

So, I've found that bedroom dynamics really play into our relationship.  And not just in the sense that I find the Duke so incredibly sexy when he leads. :)  Or that I find it hard to think about other things when he has so much of my attention.

What I'm finding about bedroom dynamics is that it helps us when the Duke has lost his stride, and has forgotten to lead.  All it takes is a day he wants to be extra dominating in the bedroom, and then he likes that feel of control and power, that dominance tends to pour out into other areas.  Sometimes just for a day, sometimes for a lot longer.  It's always nice to see him leading by his own devices without my asking if he could help.

Do you find that in your own relationship?  That if you can get your spouse/partner to sink into their role in one area, they'll start doing so in other areas as well?  What seems to naturally spark their interest to return to their role?


  1. Sorry, EsMay...don't have any answers for you. Never really had that problem with my ex or Matthew. But then again, I didn't bring DD to them, it was always a part of our relationship. ..they actually brought it to me. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Hi Es May, this is a bit mixed for us, sometimes dominance in the bedroom sparked dominance in other areas of the relationship and other times it remained in the bedroom. Ttwd has pretty much been restricted to the bedroom for some time now here.


  3. There are times when I do not feel a Dominating Presence but usually it is because something else has or needs our attention ATM. I am not sure what you mean by asking for help. If or when we are what I call "off" I usually do not bring it up or mention it, I used to mention, brat, or send an email. Now I more or less wait & see if he notices and he does much sooner than he used to. I do not believe for Lee it is inspired in the bedroom, I believe for us it is more him being engaged through out the day. The bedroom dominance is HOT but basically I need to feel his dominance in the ordinary day to day. He doesn't Boss me around, he will remind me of something I need to do, and some of the time even after that reminder I honestly might forget. I get busy doing many things at once and it can slip my mind. He seems to have embraced this it is not perfect nor will it ever be. The bedroom dominance is just the icing on the cake for me and I like icing!


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