Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Fling Challenge - Prep

Wow, I am so honoured and humbled by the response about doing the Spring Fling Challenge. :)

Now even though this blog post talks about exercising because that is what my challenge is, anyone that wants to participate, just read my last post to see what it's all about. :)  It doesn't have to be about exercise.  It can be about chores, personal improvement, what have you. :)

So, I've put together some work out items I found online in case they will help anyone out there.  Also, Lucy Lou also put up a great one as well about doing squats.  To find that one, she said you can "My Fitness Pal...just google 30 Day Squat Challenge".  It looks intense, but I do want to try to accomplish the 250 squats by the end of my tenth week. :)

So, the first one I really want to try is the Couch to 5K.  I have bad ankles and so have a really hard time running on uneven terrain.  I also don't own a treadmill.  So when I do jog, I jog on the spot.  I talked to a physiotherapist about it once, and she said it was still good.  It'll work different muscles, but it still burns fats and gets the heart right up. :)

I already can jog at least 15 minutes on the spot, even though I haven't been able to work out in almost three months of being sick. I tested it out last night.  So I might just start out at week six on here and work back up to 30 minutes of jogging.  Not sure yet.  But if I do, I have to get to jogging faster as well.  Last night may have been 15 minutes of jogging, but someone in their 80's probably could have outrun me had we been on a track! ;)

I also want to add in on alternating days "The BodyRock Absolute Beginners Workout Routine"  Now this starts out with a lot of squats, so seeing the info that Lucy Lou provided, I want to work them in together. :)  Because I don't do well at squats, I'm going to start out small and only do a few of the 6 videos in this series, and then add a few a week.  The link to this work out is, and this is on youtube.  Each video is about 6 minutes long, and they are all together in a play list. 

So this is my plan for the next four weeks, I'll put up a daily list on Monday so that you can see what I'm supposed to do each day for the next four week. :)  After the four weeks I'll be at a new job, so once I found out that work in that, I'll be able to plan a workout routine around that as well for the final six weeks of this plan. :)  I am sure it'll be much the same as building on what I've been doing for the four weeks, but it'll also give me a chance to reevalute and see if I need to challenge myself more than I have already being doing up to that point. :)
Here are some other workouts that I'm not planning on using, but in case they help anyone out there, thought I'd share what I found.  Just right click them and open in new tab, and they'll load up larger for you and you can see them from there.  The weekly ones can be printed out as five pages, and the three level one will fit on three pages.  I just put them all together so that they'd stay together on here.  I do plan on looking at them later, but right now I feel that in doing the videos above, it'll work out all the same muscles. If you find you can't get a good view of these, and want a copy, just email me and I'll send you out the actual file. :)

So excited guys!  Two days and I then have to be accountable, and with the support, I actually feel VERY motivated.  I even did 15 squats today just to get me ready a bit as I know that's where I'll struggle the most.


  1. I am joining!!! My prison guard.....I mean HoH has kept me off of the desktop most of the day but I NEED to do this! I am what you call a skinny fat person and for the first time ever I am towards the top of my recommended weight. I weigh more than I did when I delivered my 4th child. I refuse to buy larger sizes, other than a pair of jeans or two, so this presents a major problem!! I had a heart issue a year ago and almost died and I am supposed to be exercising. I am on My Fitness Plan but need the extra motivation. LET'S GO!!!!

  2. I couldn't help it, when you called him prison guard, I lost it! LOL I laughed so hard. :) Welcome on board. I'm so excited to have people joining me in this. :) I think with us all doing this together, we'll do well. I am sorry that your health has been a problem, but knowing you're supposed to be exercising, I'm glad you're joining in. :)

  3. Well I'm all for it, but it seems like the forces of nature have a different plan for me, I'm poorly, like all runny nose and headache and earache, yes I've got a kids illness at my age :(

    But I need toning up, it's summer soon and I don't want any flabby bits. I've just found an exercise programm on the smart tv, which looks good, so I'm thinking half an hour of that, plus half hour power walk with dogs and at least 50 sit ups with my ab trainer. But I have to organise it all when I'm a but more clear headed, might put the plan up on my blog.
    Maybe we could do weekly progress blogs ???

    1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! {{{HUGS}}} That sounds like a good workout, but I agree, when your head is more clear is the time to think it over. :) Maybe also see what your HOH thinks is good, to make sure you don't over do it. That's my plan anyway so that I don't over do it. :) I totally agree, I'm going to do my updates on Mondays so that I check in every week. I'm also going to admit if I cheated or skipped any days. *GULP* And admit if the Duke had to punish me for not following through.


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