Monday, February 11, 2013

The Cat Knows It + F.ree

I can't remember which blog I saw this on a month or so ago, but I remember it clearly now.

She was writing about DD and said that her husband was in charge and "I know it, he knows it, even the dog knows it."  When she said it, I thought it was so funny, I laughed so hard.

Well, I'm here to say that even my cat knows it. :(  And I don't find it funny. :(  Ok, a little, but mostly I'm actually a bit sad.

I have two cats, and they always sleep with me, cuddle with me, and want to be around me.  Sometimes they'll hang out with my husband, but very rarely.  Well, I think our youngest cat has noticed the difference in our order of ranking.  He nows cuddles daily with my husband... and will only cuddle with me if I go to where he is, or my husband is at work on my days off.

I like the not being mauled part... but I'm actually a bit disappointed to lose this bond with one of my babies.  I believe he nows sees my husband as the alpha and aligning himself with him.  The TRAITOR. :(  He's lucky I still love him!  I just miss him is all.

On a side note... got a spanking last night just because I couldn't get my head out of a pathetic funk.  Two spankings in two days.  And I'd been hoping to do the two week maintenace challenge to bring Hubby and I closer together... Yeah, I think I'm way too much of a wimp for that...

PS  F.REE Dr. Gary Chapman book for those of you that love him! :)  I have not read this book, but have liked some of his other works, including "The Five Love Languages"

Please remember that prices on Amazon can change without notice, so if you want this book for free, please remember to check that it still says $0.00 before clicking to buy.  Hope you enjoy.

"The 4 Seasons of Marriage" by Dr. Gary Chapman
 - It is now listed free through til Feb 16/13 at amazon.


  1. Love Gary Chapman. Have been fortunate enough hear him speak several times at various marriage conferences. While I don't have the 4 seasons book, he spoke on it at the last conference we attended. I'll have to download it. Thanks for the info.
    My youngest pup knows who the leader of our pack is too and it isn't mama anymore. ;)

    1. I never would have thought even animals would pick up on the shift, but I guess it makes sense, in packs there is always an alpha that directs the group.

      I haven't been to one of his conferences, but I'm guessing they're amazing? I just couldn't believe the book was for free, so downloaded it right away, and wanted to share in case anyone else wanted it. :)

  2. Oh, Thanks so much Es May! I LOVE The Five Love Languages. Have you ever been to his site? I'm a touch.

    And.... ummm... our cat is the same way. Little rat takes up a position of audience for the ....u,,,.... festivities, lol.

    1. I believe I have been to the site, but it was years ago. I hope you enjoy the new book too. :)

      Our cats do to... at first, and then leave. lol

  3. Oh bless you EsMay
    Cats are traitors, I love them to bits, but they seem to choose who they will accept.
    Funny thing about knowing who the HOH is. Hubs was asking me last night if I had done something he wanted me to do, and I hadn't, but before I could answer my oldest jumped in and said " mommy has got enough to do daddy, give her a break" it was so cute, I think thy have noticed that I am also accountable to their dad lol

    But I have to say, my dogs are MY dogs, and we have to keep them out of the room I am being spanked, they actually attack my husband, the little one just barks at him, but we have a belgian Shepard , he's big and can be scary, he has actually jumped at my husband and grabbed his arm in his mouth. He's trained enough not to bite, but we don't want to put him to the test iykwim

    Thanks for the heads up about the books.

    I hope you get through your two week challenge of maintanance good, if you do decide to go a head with it.
    It will be hard, but just keep thinking about, what your purpose is and what you trying to achieve with it.

    Hugs x

    1. HAHAHAHA Let me just say, your kid is awesome! That is so cute!!!! Glad they stick up for you. hehehehe Wow, I never thought about the fact that the dog would try to protect, yeah, that would be a REAL worry.

      You're welcome about the book. I've always wanted to get it, I have five of his books already, but this one wasn't available for a while. So glad it's back, and FREE. :)

      I promise to think about the two week challenge, though my bottom still smarts today from the other night, well, more like feels like it was attacked by sandpaper. But I do promise to think about it. :)

  4. How funny. I don't mean funny ha ha, I'm sorry the younger one has switched alliances.

    They do seem to pick up on it. We have two cats as well and the funny thing is, unlike your younger one, they almost seem to be wary of Rick now LoL. One in particular picks up on the 'pre-spanking vibe' from him and scarpers before the spanking starts LoL.

    Obviously no help to me! I think you and I need little hero dogs who protect us from spankings like Lillie and Dana have LoL


    1. Yeah it's funny, he's such a stinker. You know, now that you say it, my cat does do the same when I'm getting spanked and right before hand when he hears Hubby's voice change, but then pledges his allegiance to Hubby once the spanking is over. Maybe that's what's changed him. LOL He doesn't want to be on the receiving end and is sucking up! ;)

      I'm in agreement, I've always wanted a dog, and when we get our own house, we want dogs, big ones. :) I'll just make sure they all have hero complexes. ;)

  5. Animals are smart...but I do hope you can win her back over to snuggling with you. That would make me sad too.

    1. Well my other kitty is back, he was visiting a widow friend of ours that gets lonely. He is the only cat she likes, (she LOVES him) so we tend to lend him out when she needs him. :) I'd give him to her, but her daughter is allergic, and so he can't be there near times when she visits. So hopefully he'll make up for the affections my other cat gave away! lol


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