Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spankful for Bas!

I am so excited to get in on this day to honour Bas!!!!  Because he's just great.  Honestly, he's just amazing.  So sweet, so gentle, yet firm when he needs to be.  I see him as a slight father figure to the community, a great joker and teaser, wonderful friend, and a tell it like it needs to be, kind of guy. :)

I just want to say before I write, that someone joked what it would be like to spank Bas today.  I am guessing that even without a spanking, one set of his cheeks is going to be very red today! ;)  Who wouldn't after all the wonderful comments and love sent their way. :)

Here are some of Bas' words of wisdom Basdom that he has shared with me.

One day I was writing about the changes I was seeing in me because of DD.  He wrote:
Es May, those are a lot of big changes. The biggest change might be that you like the changes. You're not worked up that he made you change. Now, how wonderful is that? I can imagine that he feels worried about the bruising. Let's be honest, it is strange to inflict pain and bruises to the one you love.

One night I was quite upset with maintenance.  I was new to it, and had been so very good that week, and it really messed me up to have such a spanking when I WAS being good.  Bas wrote:
Sorry, but maintenance cannot be avoided by being a good girl. Actually maintenance is specifically meant for good girls, to ensure that they remain good. Life is not always fair to good girls, but they don't get punishment spankings. That must be worth a lot! - How true his words were

Just last week, after reading his blog for months, I finally realized that my link to my blog is almost identical to the link to his blog, and seriously debated changing it.  He, in his ever sweet and generous way said:
Hi Es May,
For me you don't have to change the link to your blog.
I kind of like seeing your bloglink, it tells me that I, as a non-English speaker, didn't use total gibberish when I named the blog.

In the same post I worried my Hubby might make me start going with the no bottoms rule some bloggers have right now.  He was cute in saying:
The no-panties rule is universal in Blogland. How else can he put his hand on your bottom, to protect you during the night?

When Bas was not feeling well, and commented how more people online said they were thinking and praying for him than the people he knew, I wrote and told him how I feel so connected to this community too.  He replied:
Es May, these bonds are very real. When I read about "my 2 boys in Heaven", I feel your pain.
Thank you for your prayers.

I already thought the guy was amazing before this, after that...  my heart just melted for the guy.  What a Sweetie!

Thank you so much, Bas, for all that you give to us!  It really does mean so much!  You are great, and we all just love you. :)  Thank you for loving us all back.


  1. I am glad to have connected with you through Bas because this is my first time to visit here...and I see that our lovely and loving Bas has been a sweet friend to you. We are surely enriched, not just by having Bas in our lives, but in the way he loves and reaches out to everyone else.

    1. Welcome to my blog. It means so much to me when new people stop by. :) You are right, we are truly enriched to have him in our lives. :) :)

  2. Hey Es May! Didn't realize you had a blog...thank you for sharing the wonderful "Basdom's".

    Happy Spankful for Bas Day!


    1. Thank you, Cat, and thank you for stopping bye. :) I haven't had the blog for long, just three months. Happy Bas Day to you too! :)

  3. Lovely post, Es May. That Bas really is wise. Thanks for sharing!

    1. THANK YOU for helping organize this. :)

  4. Hi Es May, such a lovely post. I remember reading some of these comments. I think I laughed just as much now at the no panties rule comment as I did the first time. Very wise words indeed!


    1. I won't lie, I laughed about just thinking about finding it to put here. :) It was such an awesome line! :)


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