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Sincerely, The Duke and EsMay

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The Duke's New Year's Resolution?

So, DD has been growing in our relationship again, I think I've told you all that already?  No punishment spankings, but some stress relief/maintenance ones have been happening.  Guess it's also a test to see how loud we can get before the parents can hear.  :P lol

And then yesterday, the Duke comes to me while I'm having a bit of alone time in our bedroom (he suggested I take a couple hours to write) and says he's going to get more serious about DD.  EEK!  I mean, I'm so excited, and scared to death.  He says he isn't sure what that all entails yet, but that me offering up my submission so often and willingly to him lately, in the bedroom and out, has made him feel really good.  He's liking how things are changing in our relationship because of it, and he wants to see what going deeper will do.  Work is still super stressful, and in three weeks time we could be looking at the end of his job.  He said actually taking that control from me will help him through all this.

Last night he tried out more domination in the bedroom, and says it will be spilling out into our normal lives too.

Not sure my bottom is ready for this, but *GULP* here we go!

He has not been reading my blog lately... but I have a feeling that will start again soon too.  If it does, I'm hoping he'll join me in writing again.  I always loved when he did that with me.


  1. Think this is going to be good for both of you, EsMay...just take it slow and easy...a bit at a time. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. That is good advice, Cat. I find sometimes when we jump in with both feet, it fizzles out quickly. I will talk to the Duke about making slow changes that will last. :)

  2. Good luck Esmay, hope you get to where you want to be, hard with the oldies in the house though.
    love Jan, xx

    1. Jan, it does make it more difficult, but there is also this air of being naughty. LOL

  3. Sounds like he has a plan, and from what I have read here...you two are going to be on a wonderful journey, even tho it may not always be easy. Looking forward to reading more..hugs abby

    1. Thank you, abby. It isn't always easy, but it is so good to have him beside me through it all. I'll keep you updated. :)


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