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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teasing The Duke

Sorry I have been MIA!  To say that life is busy right now would seem like a major understatement.  And it will not slow down in the next few days either.

Trying not to be bitter, The Duke took this week off, it's been a while since we have had a day together because we work different days.  So that meant we'd have Wednesday and Thursday off together this week.  Until his parents found out and are now coming to spend it with us so they can see us together... I'm making sure I don't pout, and not allowing myself to be frustrated, but I won't lie... I am disappointed.

So, the Duke decided the other night that I was tired.  So he went around EARLY and turned all the clocks a head, which we never do until the next morning, and I always do it!... hmph.... and then?  Tells me I have ten minutes to get ready for bed. :(  I mean, the time doesn't change until 1:00, not at 9:00pm the night before.  Also, I was able to sleep in the next morning, so I saw no need for me to have to adjust to the time change before it actually happened!  LOL  Well, he thought differently.  I did ask for a bit more time, and he gave me fifteen more minutes... but still.  Yeah, I sulked.  lol  I was tired, and I sure did not do a good job proving otherwise.

Then last night happened.  The night before the landlords were up again, LOUD, until 2:00, we're going to have to talk to them.  And I had to be away from 9:45am until 11:00pm as it was.  So then my cats start showing me how much they missed me all day.  Literally, all over me.  :(  And then The Duke starts to snore.  Are you kidding me? :(  I might have gotten four hours of sleep, if that.  And I'm someone that literally can't function on less than eight hours of sleep.  I don't know why, but that's how I am.  So, I literally blame all of this on what happened last night.

I was cleaning, and saw our tin of instruments, and took the cane out.  Yep, you read that right.  I then went to The Duke and playfully threatened to give him a swat.  He grabbed hold of it so fast and tight that I couldn't even jokingly tap him with it.  I joked for a minute, trying to get it from him, but then I got frustrated.  Why couldn't I just jokingly swat him?  I didn't care that he kept telling me he did the spanking.  I finally got it free from him after quite the fight and gave him a joking tap on the backside.  As he turned around I tried to give another one on the other side and then walk away.  It was all going to stop there.  REALLY.  Only, I didn't realize his hand was in the way because I was doing it from an angle.  On his fully clothed but it would have barely been able to be felt.  On his hand though?  It still didn't hit hard, but harder than I meant.  I handed him the cane and in one swift move DARTED for the bedroom.  He was only a second behind me, but it was enough time for me to slam the door and lock it.

I apologized profusely!  Told him I was only joking around!  He told me to let him in, I just couldn't!  It was the cane, for goodness sakes.  I knew what was coming, and I couldn't handle it.  So, in horror movie like fashion, he starts knocking on the door witht he cane, and starts dragging it over the door.  *shivers*.  Finally he walks away.  I slowly open the door, and he bolts back up the hall, I slam the door again, still terrified.  Now you have to understand, we're still kind of laughing through all of this too.  My husband does not do serious very well.

So finally I am able to calm down and let him in.  He tells me there will only be a few spanks, but I will be spanked, WITH the cane.  *GULP*

I back into the corner of our room and tell him that I don't want to be spanked. 

Now keep in mind, we're both laughing at this point.

The Duke "Well, I want to spank you"
Me "Well, I want a million dollars"
The Duke (with evil grin) "Then don't you think it's fair that at least one of us gets what we want?"
Me (With hand extended forward) "Yeah, so hand over the money!"
The Duke "Turn around so I can spank you."
Me "No, not with the cane, we only use the cane for something serious" (which we've never used before, we've only used it to test it out once) "We only use it if I were to be really bad, like... stip in front of a group of men and try to tease them!"
The Duke "And what about swatting your husband, is that not serious?"
Me "Probably, but when you're all smily and laughing, it doesn't seem serious!"

Yeah, we just could not get into a serious mood!  LOL  So anyway, I got two swats... and as he was turning around to put the cane back in the tin, I gave him a playful swat!  WHAT????  No, that was NOT me!  So I got one more swat with the cane.  I was so tempted yet again to swat him, but this time I held it in!  I had to fist my hand to my side to stop it, but I managed.

I have to head to work, but just as I was writing that last paragraph The Duke came in with our new paddles from Blondie's place, and maintenance is tonight!  *GULP*  Will have to tell you all about this tomorrow!  hehehe, is it wrong that I'm slightly excited about getting them!


  1. Super cute. Bucko isn't a fan of the swat either. I keep telling him he deserves it, but he won't listen.

    1. LOL I know, see, The Duke totally deserved it! Sometimes I feel like I just need to vent a little pent up energy... and swatting him just seems like the ideal way! ;)

  2. Not wrong at all. We will expect a review. lol
    Glad you guys are having fun, its so important.

    1. LOL Will definitely give a review, if I'm still conscious afterwards! *GULP* Yeah, we sometimes had fun before DD, but now we have so much fun! :) I feel so much freer. :)

  3. Ha! You were playing with fire Es May:)

    1. Hehehee, it was good fire. :) Though, I do have to make sure I don't push the line too much! hehehe I will seriously pay if I do, I can already tell he's starting to firm up ehere the line stands.

  4. LOL Es May...ya gotta know if you go after an HoH to administer even one swat, your tish is going to 'pay' for it. ;)

    Will be interested to see if you are still in any way "excited" about the paddles tomorrow after maintenance. *teehee*

    Thanks for a fun post!


    1. Yeah... so not fair they get to spank us at will and we're not even allowed a swat! LOL Just my opinion anyway. ;)

      Yes... I may be WAY less excited after tonight... *GULP* Maybe I should offer to let Blondie have them back! Now I'm just scared! lol

  5. lol This post cracked me up Es May! Michael and I are like that at times as well. It's teasing and fun and serious all thrown in together. Good luck with maintenance tonight! ;)

    1. I love that you guys are like that too. :) It makes it so much more fun and enjoyable to be able to laugh with them too in all this DD stuff, doesn't it? :) I'm loving this new dynamic we have, well at least this part of it. :) And thank you, if you don't see me for days this time, you'll know it's because I can't sit down to type at the PC. lol

  6. Oh my gosh...it is kinda fun to poke the bear isn't it?? Not sure I would be brave enough with a cane....I am a bit of a chicken! And apparently I need a better lock on my door...he can pick that thing like nobody's business ;)

    Sounds like you all are doing well....and having some fun in the process :)

    1. OH SO MUCH FUN!!!! :) Hehehe, usually he can pick the lock too, but he needs his thumb nail to get to part of picking it, and he'd just cut them, and WAY too short! Woops, ;)

  7. Lol EsMay I laughed through this whole post.

    You crazy nut lol it is fun to give them a taste of their own medicine, until the turn the game on you :(

    It sounds like you guys are very happy, I'm so pleased for you both.

    X x x x

    1. Hehehe, Missy, so glad I gave you a good laugh. :) Hehehe, I did feel he needed a SMALL taste of his own medicine, it was, in all fairness, just a very gentle tap.

      We are happy, still working on him being able to stand up to me when I'm upset, or even doing a punishment spanking, but he's doing more and more standing up, and it's helping, and I'm feeling so happy. :)

  8. sounds like fun Es May. Not fair we can't swat our HoHs though. Will be interested to hear about your maintenance and new implements.
    Lindy x


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