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Sincerely, The Duke and EsMay

Monday, March 04, 2013

Hubby The Duke

Way before DD, I used to watch the movie McLintock! and be SO JEALOUS that the women in it got to be taken over the knee.  I always wanted my husband to be that alpha male.  That man that would take charge, even if his wife needed a good spanking.  He knew who he was, what he was about, and what he wanted.  And he sure as heck wasn't afraid to stand up for it, or fight for it.

I have always loved the scene where the boy takes the girl over his lap, and instead of John Wayne, the dad, stepping in, what does he do?  He hands the boy a shovel from the fire to spank her with!  LOL  Love it!  That is what he is doing in the photo on the left. :)  He is using the same shovel while spanking his wife in the photo on the right, the boy handed it back to him so he could spank his wife later in the movie! :)  At least it's staying in the family. ;)  And when he's done spanking his wife, what does John Wayne do?  Hands it back to the boy saying he should keep it because he might need it again sometime!  lol

So when we were looking at names to call Hubby on here, we played around with Duke (as in a Lord in England), Captain and Head Honcho.  I decided to talk to Willie, because I knew if anyone knew all the hubby names in blog land, she's know most if not all. {Thanks Willie!}  I found out there was another hubby called Captain, so we striked that name out. And we had taken Duke off the list because it is also a name, and wasn't sure it would convey the title of leadership we wanted his nickname to have, but Honcho did not feel right either.

I told Hubby I wish I could find a way to call him something from McLintock!.  He told me that John Wayne was known as "The Duke", and maybe we should reconsider that name.  I have loved John Wayne since I don't know when, I know so many things about him, down to that his real name is Marion, but didn't realize he's been called the duke.  Now looking back, I have a vague memory of that, but still, not really.

 So, it's been decided! :)

Hubby will now be know as either "The Duke" or "Duke" on my blog. :)

So from now on, you won't have to hear him called just Hubby, but instead, Duke. :)  Thank you for your patience everyone as I looked at finding the perfect name for him here in Blogland. :)

PS, I have been trying to keep up with the blogs this week, but I'm about a day behind, and cannot get on tomorrow probably because I have a full day.  So if I haven't stopped by your blog in the last day, I will be catching up on Wednesday.  I think I'm only a day behind, sorry if it's more.  {{{HUGS}}}  You're all so great, and I'm sorry about getting behind.


  1. ACK!!! Don't say that...sure as rain someone is going to say, ' there is a Duke on so and so's blog" once again DON't listen to Willie..

    No matter I think it is perfect and not just for the reasons I didn't like Honcho ( shhh, just incase there is a Honcho out there)

    love willie!

    1. OH, if anyone ever tells you to not listen to Willie, just remember all of us that do. :) It's totally okay if there is another Duke. :) He'll just be my Duke. :)

      And I am glad you like the name. :)

  2. Hey Es May...So happy your husband finally has a name! Welcome to 'The Duke'. Oh yes, John Wayne was known as 'The Duke' in Hollywood and has always been one of my favorite actors. I can't think of a role he ever played that was not an alpha male. Wonderful voice also! ;)


    1. OH, his VOICE, oh don't get me started! :) I feel real love every time I hear it, almost like he's a father figure or something. I hear that voice and I stop, and everything seems right in the world. And you're right, I've seen tons of his movies, can't remember him ever being anything but an alpha male. *swoon* lol Thank you, I told Duke you welcomed him. :)

  3. Happy to "The Duke" is back in your life. Good choice.

    1. Thank you, I really love it now that we've settled on a name. :)

  4. Perfect! Welcome Duke! :) Hmmm, I haven't seen that movie. I wonder if Michael has. Sounds like something to be put on the "to see" list though. ;)

    1. OH, it's a good funny movie, and I just love John Wayne in it. Yes, there are a few points where I think, come on John, REALLY?" But mostly I'm saying that to his very SPOILED wife. ;) Who no longer gets spoiled at all. It's a good laugh, and two spanking scenes. :)

  5. Hi EsMay, Great cholce - welcome Duke!

    As Grace said, I haven't seen it either. Sounds like I might have to rectify that :)


    1. Well, I wouldn't trust my judgement because I just love the old movies, and John Wayne, so I probably have a bias. hehehe, but I love it. :)

      Thank you for welcoming my husband. :)

  6. Hey honey

    Sorry haven't been around much lately:( but I do love The Duke as a name for your husband. It fits :)

    Maybe I should start thinking about one for mine. We sort of have a name we call him at home, but not too sure people would understand the relevance here as they don't really know him lol

    Maybe I'll blog it like Blondie and get people to choose a name for him :)

    Welcome to blog land Duke ;)

    1. I am glad that you like the name. :) And it's totally okay that you haven't been able to be around, I know you've been busy. Well if you decide to name your HoH, I'll vote with everyone else. :)

      And thank you for welcoming Duke into blogland. :)


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